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Pratima RaichurWelcome to the PRATIMA Skincare Blog – A place to garner wisdom from Ayurveda on beauty, life, nutrition & skin care and learn how it can be applied to your modern day lifestyle!

My name is Dr. Pratima Raichur. For over 40 years, I have helped thousands of men, women and children find health, balance and rejuvenation through the profound wisdom of Ayurveda. My vision for this blog is a continuation of just that and I feel as though I have been blessed with many people that help me make this happen, including my staff contributors who have been with me in this journey for many years.

This blog is an expression of our desire to make a positive difference every day and to help you, the reader, take the profound wisdom of Ayurveda into your own hands!

We believe true joy is experienced when we are living in accordance with nature and that when we do this, all the areas of our life fall into harmony.

Join me as I attempt to offer some insights from my experiences as an ayurvedic doctor, a chemist, a botanist, a mother, a grandmother, an employer, a friend and a fellow human being, living a life where I can honestly say, I have no regrets.

Our aim for this blog is to offer you an applicable understanding of Ayurveda and some tools that will benefit and improve your lifestyle. As we go on our way, please share your voice, comments, and feedback. Your thoughts are an invaluable aspect of this discussion.

Thank you for reading.