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Cleaner, Healthier, Happier…

Cleansing with Herbs:

The most commonly found skin cleansers often contain chemical surfactants that not only cause irritation, but also degenerate skin proteins, which allow environmental toxins easier access to the deeper, more vulnerable layers of skin tissue. So then why would these irritants be used? For a number of different reasons, but a large one being that these chemicals are inexpensive and therefore, can be mass-produced.

Unfortunately, in ‘modern’ society, we have become used to cleansers that foam and suds when we wash and have formed an attachment to the notion of ‘squeaky-clean’. However, prolonged use of these types of cleansers, strip the skin of its natural oils that keep us looking young! They severely over dry the under tissues and consistently alter the pH of the skin, making us reliant on toners to rebalance again and again and again. A true roller coaster ride is what these types of cleansers offer and yet we wonder why our skin breaks out or looks dull or oily or is hard to keep balanced.

Why all of this when nature has given us the perfect cleansers already; pure, healing plants that are profoundly effective. Cleansing with herbs has so many benefits: they remove deep-seated dirt and toxins without causing irritation nor the degeneration of skin tissue; when massaged into the skin they promote healthy exfoliation, increase circulation, stimulate skin’s metabolic processes and even deliver protein-rich nutrients that visibly rejuvenate the complexion, all without altering the natural pH of the skin.

Pure, all natural herbs for cleansing are readily out there and available — just look and make sure to read ALL the ingredients. We offer dosha-specific herbal cleansers at But for the adventurer, here are two great face & body recipes for you to try at home!

Basic Herbal Face Cleanser:

(For daily use)

Mix ¼ teaspoon organic turmeric powder + 1 tablespoon organic chickpea flour.

To this mixture add:

For dry skin:                     1 tsp sweet almond oil or sesame oil +  2 Tbsp. water

For sensitive skin:            2 Tbsp. of milk only

For oily skin:                     2 Tbsp. water + 2 drops of lemon juice

Combine to make a liquidy paste. Massage all over the face in circular motions while cleansing and gently exfoliating. Rinse.

Luxurious Herbal Body Cleanser/Deep exfoliator:

(For monthly use)

Mix 2 Tbsp. red lentil powder into ½ cup organic whole milk. Soak overnight. The next day add to mixture: 1 tsp. almond butter + 1 tsp. cashew butter + 1 tsp. dried milk + ½ tsp wheat germ oil. Mix ingredients. Apply paste all over face and body and massage. If you have the time, place a towel in your bathtub or shower, and relax for 15-20 minutes, allowing herbal paste to dry and the nutrients time to soak in. Using your hands or a dry towel, gently rub off dry paste in a circular motion. Rinse. Your skin will be deeply nourished and silky soft! Follow with an herbal oil massage to relieve dryness and provide ultra nourishment & glowing radiance.

Note: If you would like to use this mixture to cleanse your body on a more current basis, add rosewater to further liquefy the mixture.