“The One”

Finding “The One”…

Is it possible? Does “the one” even exist?

I truly believe each person has several soul mates, but the choices we make in life, determine the roads we walk upon. So crossing paths with “the one” or with “one of the ones” becomes a matter of karma. I’ll explain…

Karma has two different dimensions to it. One aspect of karma is the conditions in your life that are yet to be fulfilled – this is the larger picture, “karmic blueprint” that you may have heard of. The second dimension of karma is your thoughts, choices and actions – these ultimately create future karma because every thought, choice and action leads to something else that requires more thought, choice and action. Thus every relationship you have in life, especially important ones such as your romantic partnerships, significantly affect and likewise, are significantly affected, by your karma (the conditions that have yet to be fulfilled as well as every thought, choice and action you take.)

So, are you spinning in circles yet? You can stop because what does this all come down to? YOU. YOU are “the one” !

Bottom line, no other person can fulfill your own karma. We often look for someone to make us happy or expect our partners to do so. Certainly people can inspire wonderful feelings, but your life is yours to live, to commit to, to seek joy and fulfillment and then to SHARE this joy and fulfillment with the ones you love. No one person can constantly remedy the shifting whims of someone else’s discontentment. True happiness cannot be out-sourced.

Ingredient for happiness? Respect. Every relationship, including the one with yourself, is about respect. And respect can only come from the awareness that each individual has his/her own individual karma to fulfill.

Loving with whole heart is to love someone separate from his/her relationship to you. Loving yourself whole-heartedly is to respect yourself, no matter what others may do to you or what they may think of you.

There are many tried & true ayurvedic methods on how to achieve happiness. They are as vast as they are diverse and if you find the appropriate one for your current mindset and lifestyle, it can be profoundly effective. Despite the diversity, all these techniques have the same aim, to cultivate awareness. That is Ayurveda, awareness.

Some examples of these techniques include: meditation (in all its varied forms), breathing techniques (pranayama), detoxifications (periodic cleansing), sense therapies (lifestyle choices of sound, color, nutrition, massage, and aroma therapies), exercise (yoga asanas or any other mind/body practice), mantra work (japa meditation, bakti yoga chanting etc.) and many more…

I would love to talk about each one of these techniques in the hopes that it can bring a useful tool to at least one of my readers.

Am I happy?  Who is the right person for me?  What choices should I make?

The answers to these questions are profoundly personal and lie deep within each individual. Sometimes it requires a bit of patience for “what’s right” to come out of hiding, but it is there and it will.

Remember…the purpose of every relationship, including the one with yourself, is to make life more beautiful, more healthy and more joyful within every passing day.

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  1. Crissinger152

    hey, I personally have problems with cystic acne and this article helped me feel good about myself thanks, I have problems with my confidence and you’ve shown me that my issues aren’t very aweful, thanks

  2. Donna

    I love this piece on “The One.” Pratima has such a way of bringing peace and awareness through her very presence. My day is improved just from reading this. It is a wonderful reminder. I would be so happy to read more about the techniques. I have learned from you so much, but am so willing and wanting to learn more! Thank you so much for sharing your profound knowledge.

  3. Raquel

    I just wished to mention that we find your blog really inspiring. I was very nearly divorced after 10 years of marriage myself. Our marriage is definitely healthier now than it ever was.

  4. Javier Miralles

    I just wanted to comment and say that I really enjoyed reading your blog post here. It was very informative and I also digg the way you write! Keep it up and I’ll be back to read more in the future

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